Google makes 411 free, including Canada
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Thread: Google makes 411 free, including Canada

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    Google makes 411 free, including Canada

    Here's a number worth putting in your cell phone.
    This is an awesome service from Google and its free...great when you are on the road. Listen to the clip.
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    It just tells me the business address and business name. It didn't give me multiple search results. Then after I hold the line, the machine says 'I'll connect you.', then I started hearing ringing. If you say 'detail', then the machine will give you address and their phone number.

    Then I did a search of a business in Montreal. The machine returned incorrect result, and started connecting, so I simply hung up.

    I'm not sure if this is a good way to avoid paying long distance charge, when you want to reach a business? I didn't want to get surprised with a nasty charge, so I simply hung up when it started dialing to a business in Montreal.

    While it's great that the number is toll-free (completely free of charge, I hope?), ad-free, but the quality of service is slightly poorer than conventional 411. Sh*t, I forgot to block my number, I hope they don't sell my number to telemarketers or start sending me expensive premium messages.
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