Muffler rattle
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Thread: Muffler rattle

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    Muffler rattle

    My 84 Suzuki GS750's left muffler is acting up. I am sure its rusted in the insides and something (filter?) has come a bit loose. It clatters if I tap the end with my palm and also at certain RPMs. I know that it has to be cut open and welded back. I need to know where I can get that done. I just spent a lot on it to get its tank lined (that had rust in it too) and the carburettors cleaned so I am broke (I am a student at UBC). So I can't spend a lot and will probably live with the clatter but would be very happy to hear from a kind soul/shop who wouldn't mind some cutting/welding for cheap.


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    Live with it. Trust me, after 24 years, there's probably nothing left inside to reweld. The core has probably come adrift inside the muffler and if you open it, it's highly probable you'll not get it back together. Try to ignore it until you have a buck or two, in case repair costs more than expected.


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