bike stolen. am i still considered a rider??
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Thread: bike stolen. am i still considered a rider??

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    bike stolen. am i still considered a rider??

    hey fellow riders,

    I love riding. No joke, like all of you, i love riding. i'ts like no other feeling, whether i'm cruising along in traffic with one hand on the throttle and the other resting on my knee, or if i'm full in leaning, knees almost to the ground (or so it feels like, more often than not i'm probably a good 2 feet off) on the double wide long curves going up seymour.

    Been riding about 3 years, and picked up my GSX-R about 2 seasons ago. I've put a good many km on that bike, so I can definately say I've put it to great use.

    Except today, as I was leaving work, my bike, in the same spot that I always park it, wasn't there anymore.

    I walked to the spot anyway, thinking maybe my eyes had suddenly cut out all images of bikes.

    There was nothing there. I know i backed it in this morning, i had my helmet in my hands, and downtown vancouver isn't taht deadly yet that i would walk to work with a helmet on, so i definately rode in today.

    No bike.

    I walked around the block thinking, maybe one of my coworkers were hiding my bike from me. yes that's it. they were hiding it.

    Nope, they weren't. no bike.

    Gone. A thought flashed in my head, "i have no theft insurance..."

    so that's it. no bike. no chance of finding it, no money from our buddy's at ICBC. no new bike (since i don't have an extra 10k in my wallet)

    So i walked home with my helmet in my hands. a sad sad walk that involved about 30 minutes and strange looks from my now fellow pedestrians.

    I got home and wondered. Am i still considered a rider? I can't just hop on my bike and go for a cruise anymore. No more robson squid cruises, no more full gear whistler rips.

    if you see it anywhere...i dont' know....maybe...slim chances...but

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    dam shitty man. real shitty.

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    Oh no! This is a bigger pull on the heartstrings than a Timmy's Christmas Telethon! I feel awful for you. I do hope you find it. Best of luck.
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    Sorry to hear that dude...

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    Shitty deal for sure. What are the chances it got towed perhaps? Insurance or not report it because you never know.
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    Seems they are having good luck finding bikes....hope they find urs

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    Oh you're Dan's buddy, I got a text from him about this.
    You did report this to the police right? you know if they find it you still get it back. You just don't get compensation from ICBC if they don't find it, or if it's trashed. Still worth it though, I've known a couple of people who's bikes got stolen and they all got found within a month.

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