My "new" bike came with a rare body kit-looking for opinion:
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Thread: My "new" bike came with a rare body kit-looking for opinion:

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    My "new" bike came with a rare body kit-looking for opinion:

    Here is a question for the old timers and people who know their shit.
    I got a '73 CB750 for a cafe racer project.
    It came with a bunch of various odds and ends and bags of parts and whatnots.
    It also came with a Tracy fibreglass body kit.

    My question for the ones in the know is If I was to sell it, and I think I will for various reasons, what are these worth?
    It seems to me they are quite rare, as I can't find too much info on them at all.
    Pictures attached.
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    It is worth a lot for someone who really wants it.
    Since it is for a 1973, the odds of finding that someone is pretty slim especially on
    this site since most of the people on here weren't even born or even thought of in '73

    The value is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Find a CB forum or ebay it. People that like those bikes generally have money but I would guess the neighborhood of 200-500 for an aftermarket body kit that's bounced around sheds for 35 years, if it's structurally sound. Seems like that would look really cool.

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