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Thread: acerbis cyclops?

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    acerbis cyclops?

    do actually provide any light in the dark conditions or they are just to make a bike street legal?

    my rear set (found a stock on for pretty damn cheap. hooray for my ebay-fu) will be shipped shortly. just need a nice new head light, some wire hiding and plastic stripping to do
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    The Cyclopse is probably the brightest of the bunch, if you can find one. Its also the only one thats really DOT approved. If you google "Acerbis Cyclopse hid" you'll get a wicked link to some supermoto forum where they've converted one to H.I.D. - and its really freakin' bright - the projector housing makes for a good setup with it.

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    They're dot approved, but from what I've seen light output isn't the best. Jam an HID in there and it'll be fine
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    It depends... how well can you see in the dark?

    None of those light setups on any of the SM or enduro plates use a bulb that is bright enough or a reflector that's directive and efficient enough to perform well if you're riding at all aggresively at night.

    But if you're being good after it gets dark then they make enough to see where the road is going as long as you STAY good and quite close to the limits.

    They should be comparable to the lighting unit on my DR350. I don't quite need a flashlight to see if the light is on in the dark but it's not far from that...
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