CBR1000,good or bad as sport tourer
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Thread: CBR1000,good or bad as sport tourer

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    CBR1000,good or bad as sport tourer

    Just noticed that there seems to be a few F1 and F2 CBR1000's up for sale with reasonable mileage and reasonable price, how are they for a sport tourer? anyone knows of any mechanical issues they have? I'd still rather have a VFR750 but if i get a good deal on a big CBR, whats out there to watch out for? i assume same kind of rectifier problem and what about the dreaded honda cam chain?

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    Go for the VFR

    The cam chain in the F2's especially is a bad as you hear. If you dont wind the bike through the gears often enough... its a nightmare.

    CBR 1000's.. there is a reason why they didn't make them very long.

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    CBR 1000 is a perfectly good bike. It's demise owes more to our "Fashion" conscious society than to any failing of the bike.
    They do feel top heavy though.

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