Bike/semi crash on the weekend!
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Thread: Bike/semi crash on the weekend!

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    Bike/semi crash on the weekend!

    Hey does anyone know what happened between the bike and semi last sunday around noon on Hwy #99? 4 other riders and I were on #99 heading back from Bellis Fair mall. Near the whiterock exit heading east was a twisted, flattened out, plastic/metal bike (I could tell it was a sport touring cause 1 fiberglass side bag was on the road). The cops had the hwy shut down and they were taking pictures of the road, bike, and semi. About 10 feet away from the bike was a 18 wheeler in the middle of the road with its flashers on. The ambulance was gone when we went by. Does anyone have more info? I missed the news.

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    any update as to her condition?
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