international motorsports???
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Thread: international motorsports???

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    port moody

    international motorsports???

    any one buy a bike from these guys?
    i think they're all U.S. imports, probably w/ changed speedos and untrackable claims?
    just a thought... anyways any thoughts?
    they have great prices and the bike i want(speed tripple)
    too good to be true?

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    none :(
    My friend purchased a quad through them. And yes, it was a US import. You could do the import yourself and save some dough, it's not too hard to do.

    The quad he bought was available for about $1500 less in the states. I guess you have to figure out what your time/effort is worth, and then add in the actual cost of transport and inspection.

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    Do a search ... discussed a LOT already
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    This comes up very often. Like SDS said, "search."
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