Post: Banhammer olympics 2008
User: Saturnin
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You've had enough warnings
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Seriously Sat, trying to encourage everyone to basically cause shit and cause the people who try to keep this site positive and working is just dumb.
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Game starts Friday july 18 2008

Ok so whos on the team, we want to walk away with a few silvers and definalty one or two golds. Who's all in? Basic premise, who gets the boot first and longest.

Dna is out till october, currently hes the champ.

Bannhammer olympics suggest that olympics should be kept in this track, but there is no enforcement for out of track play. Points will not be deducted for illegal manouvers. No strategies will be refused.

The rules
You cannot make duplicate and troll acounts, or u will be out of the game for bad sportsmanshit.

THe most bans and ban points within next few months wins, but the 'skill' comes in taking small violations so you can get the points, but come back soon to get more points again at the finish, the points are tallied (banhammer forum makes this easy!)

Poor Spelling points double @ the end.

Game ends in Dec 08 and earlie for others... bUAHAHAAHAHAHAH.

Our moto
If you cant beat them, get beaten.

The winner will get a Throttle trauma 1 and 2 dvd set. Just in time for xmas a value of...u cant put value on AWESOME!!

Watch threads for update on points
Even if you dont enter in your name in this thread, we will still keep an eye on the banned and the points, we do the work for you.

If i surive till Dec without a ban, i will donate 200.00 to the childrens hospital and or to bernies 2009 DAYTONA event. Everyone is encouraged to raise the stakes and also chip in with donations for the childrens hospital to make things more interesting.

If for any reason i get premateurly banned, game must go on and no donation.