Do you let your bike warm up. Poll time.

View Poll Results: Do you warm up your bike before taking her for a ride

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  • You're supposed to warm her up before going for the gusto?

    9 5.88%
  • I think about it then hit that sh*t anyway no warmup

    12 7.84%
  • I kindly caress her while I warm her up to 40 degs then hit that shit

    82 53.59%
  • I let her get fully warmed up because then she's super freaky

    50 32.68%
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Thread: Do you let your bike warm up. Poll time.

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    Dr. Green Thumb Array Duck's Avatar
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    Do you let your bike warm up. Poll time.

    I really know that I should let it warm up a bit before I tear off into the sunset, but I don't do it as much as I probably should.

    So here is a poll I don't think I've seen : Do you let your bike warm up before you ride?
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    Registered User Array Son of Lars's Avatar
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    My ritual is;

    1) Fire up bike

    2) Have a smoke

    3) Gloves and helmet on

    4) Go

    I ALWAYS warm her up, or she's a cranky pain in the ass.

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    S2S anyone? Array aznbiker's Avatar
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    2002 CBR600F4i
    +1 to what son of lars does.

    It also depends what type of bike you have. My first bike was a Honda 599 which is carbed.

    I usually wait until the temp is about 45-50 before I start riding. I think there have been a couple threads lately about this.

    I warm it up so the throttle response is smooth.
    Others have said to warm it up so the engine seals have time to come up to temp.

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    Registered User Array SpideRider's Avatar
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    My bike is carbed, so I wait until the temp indicator gives me a 95, and then I'm good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider View Post
    My bike is carbed, so I wait until the temp indicator gives me a 95, and then I'm good to go.
    95?? holy crap. I'm gone by 45.

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    part time squid Array juiceman's Avatar
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    '06 Kawi 636
    I wait til my temp shows up then i'm gone.. Doesn't it hurt the engine if you just fire it up and go??

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    Fuh-coffee we will go Array carbonfibrerocket's Avatar
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    I wait until I see 50. But isn't it more important to allow the time to lube all the moving parts inside? Or is it the temperature factor also to let the moving parts expand with the heat? All of the above I suspect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by juiceman View Post
    I wait til my temp shows up then i'm gone..
    Same here...which is usually about the time it takes me to get my helmet and gloves on...

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    Swivel on it Array SkydiveSonic's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharoh View Post
    95?? holy crap. I'm gone by 45.
    Maybe that's degrees fahrenheit ... I hope so anyway.
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    banned user Array adam112's Avatar
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    I warm it up until I have reasonable throttle response. couple minutes.
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    Shiftless clutcher Array ZoomaFoo's Avatar
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    Oil will have circulated through the engine in less than a minute, so unless the engine won't accept throttle smoothly enough to get underway within that time, you're good to go. Sitting for longer than necessary with the engine idling doesn't burn off condensation and doesn't warm up the motor nearly effectively as setting off and getting the engine active under normal riding conditions.
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    i <3 my gixxer Array 97montego's Avatar
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    I do the same as with my cars, fire it up and drive away, stay off the thRottle and low in the revs until about half the difference from ambient to normal operating is gone.
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    i'm going with super freaky on this one

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    Mortgage Pimp Array J_Scott's Avatar
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    I wait for it to start up all the way... then I ride away.

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    Eh Muh Gawd Becky!! Array Purplekawi's Avatar
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    i start it. i put on my helmet and gloves then i ride away and kep it civil till it's warmed up some.
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