rubber/tire marks on Vancouver roads.
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Thread: rubber/tire marks on Vancouver roads.

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    rubber/tire marks on Vancouver roads.

    I see lots of rubber/tire marks on Vancouver roads. My feeling is that only half or less of these are skid marks and more like from construction trucks etc. Are these more than compared to other cities? I didn't noticed much in Calif. though I never did motorcycle riding there so maybe didn't paid attention to it there.

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    Probably to do with the fact that most people think 1/2 second is enough seperation distance between them and the semi that they're following ...
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    It's probably from people that drive looking straight down right in front of their motorbike searching for tire marks that have to slam on their brakes when they don't notice the traffic ahead of them come to a stop.
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    It's the Richmond tuner car guys. By burning out, you decrease the tire circumferance, which inturn increases accelleration. In the same way that the stickers on the side of the car make it also go faster.

    And too, by balding up the tires, they are ready for the winter snowfall.

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