Friday Aug 22-24th Cascade loop
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Thread: Friday Aug 22-24th Cascade loop

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    Friday Aug 22-24th Cascade loop

    Date: Aug 22-24th
    Time & place: Chevron at 1st & rupert @ 9:00 leave 9:15
    I will also stop at the gas station at 176 th st &
    8th near the truck border crossing & leave there around 10:00

    Distance: Day one 350 KM, day 2 190 KM, day 3 330 KM

    My girlfriend and I are heading for ride around the Cascade loop. We will be stopping in leavenworth the first night and Winthrop the second night. We will be leaving the morning of friday and returning the sunday evening. Leavenworth is a barverian type german town and Winthrop is a western type town. I haven't been around there for a long time but by what I remember it had a lot of twisty roads. Our pace will be medium with speed at times. I want this to be a safe ride and I don't want to have to scrape anyone from the road. We will be leaving from north Vancouver, so if anyone want's to meet in NV let me know.

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    I first thought it was for July, you're way ahead of the game!

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    your going to have an awesome ride, I recently did the road to Leavenworth on my own and recently did the road to Winthrop with friends

    I'm Jealous, I think I have holiday's at that time... well see

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    Just did Winthrop today...1st time, what a fantastic ride, breathtaking scenery, lots of twisties, and almost track quality roads...have a great ride!

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    Make sure you have a hot dog at the gas station at 176th and 8th ave. best damn hot dog in town. they even have Bison hot dog. ummmm good. enjoy your trip

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    Did it last summer in reverse. totally awesome

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