tracking down out of province insurance
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Thread: tracking down out of province insurance

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    tracking down out of province insurance

    Hopefully someone will be able to provide some help here...

    A few weeks ago i was involved in an accident where i slammed into a van who pulled out from a crossroad without warning. Got banged up, few fractured ribs, peanuts compared to some of the people here who have had accidents recently so def count myself fortunate for that.

    The person driving the van has a bc drivers licence but her vehicle was insured through Ontario with Ontario plates (not sure how that works as vehicle is registered to her.. i know students get exemption but she shoudl have ontario licence as well ...either way diff topic). She was at fault and cited by police for failure to yield or something like that.

    I started the process through ICBC and almost 3 weeks later i called to find out the status as i hadn't heard anything back and haven't seen the bike or know its condition. The ICBC adjuster i talked to said she asked the other driver for insurance but couldn't do anything more then that because it was out of province and through a private insurer. I asked what happens if she doesn't ever provide it and she said she couldn't do anything about that.

    So that baffles me if it is true... this means that unless she voluntarily provides her insurance info i am S.O.L unless i get a lawyer to do battle for me?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of situation or what my options might be.

    Thanks in advance...


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    Every person I know that has gotten in an accident with an out of province driver has hired a lawyer. I would recommend you do the same if you expect results.

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    I am not too sure what I am talking about here but
    I thought the premiums for "underinsured motorists" covers you in the event the other vehicle doesn't carry enough insurance.
    Anyways, my advice is spend $40 and join BCCOM 604 580 0111 and that will provide you with free legal advice,
    Membership has it's perks!

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    You are not SOL. ICBC will be on for Part 7 and you need to file and serve a writ and statement of claim against the driver (named personally). At that point their insurer will jump in.

    Underinsured motorist protection is in the event that the other driver doesn't have enough coverage to cover all of your damages. It only kicks in after the other insurance has been exhausted.

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    i got in an accident in my car years ago and the other driver had no insurance.
    ICBC still paid for my repairs and injuries. There is money set aside to cover you in situations like this.

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    The person driving the van has a bc drivers licence but her vehicle was insured through Ontario with Ontario plates
    Sounds like this person is insured, so underinsured coverage doesn't come into play.

    GSKRKK6's advice is pretty good. While you don't *need* to issue a Writ, it certainly attracts the attention of the motorist, and their insurance company, pretty quickly.
    Some honest folks actually call their insurer, and tell them they've been involved in a collision......some folks just bury their heads in the sand, and hope you go away. They are called, "the Defendant's."

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