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    i'd like to address all the people that offer advice in the stunt life forum that really shouldn't be.

    i know most people are trying to help, and i've seen a lot of completely WRONG comments made when people have been asked for help.. everything from motor wear, to technique, to what's better.. etc etc

    bottom line is if you don't know, don't say anything. there are a couple of us who still read this forum and will offer the proper advice. with something that has the potential to be as dangerous as a wheelie/endo you should really be careful with what you tell people, because certain understandings can lead to people getting hurt bad.

    i'm sure some nerds will say "oh you think you know it all." no, i don't, but there are a few of us that know more than everyone on this entire board when it comes to stunting. and no, if you can do a rev-limiter power wheelie down a highway for 10 seconds you don't qualify as someone who knows.

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    Thread closed as it degenerated into crap. To sum up only give advice if you have the expertise to.

    Thank you.
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