Another bad bike injury...
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Thread: Another bad bike injury...

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    For all of you who know Evil-E, one of the original and fastest S/M gangsters back a few years, he is now @ MSA in Abby recovering from a nasty bike crash. I got a PM from Ty and he'll get back to me to find out details on when Iain can have visitors. Like Tyson from VSM, I also wish Eian a fast and speedy recovery from what I understand is a nasty injury. I sure hope to see him back in action soon as I miss ridding with him. Get well soon Evil-E, and I think this may be the cue for another S/M bike to come your way, 4 real bro !!!
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    Shits .. Will for sure make it out to see him..
    Thanks for the heads up Mike ..
    I think Mike is right for sure on geting another SM ..
    Heal fast and well old friend..
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    Aw man, I'll head out whenever he's fit for it. I hate hearing about bros like this, and especially hate reading about it on the internet.

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    Crazy... I was in MSA after my crash on troys track day on the 17th... All my bike needs is a rear fender.....I smashed my right leg in the air fence, go figure???

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    get well soon E! hopefully Dak and I can make it out to the ranch for a visit sometime soon. Unless things have changed, you might soon be sick of playing video games with Tyler...
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    Just got back from seein Iain, he's in a lot of pain and black and blue...and yellow from the waist down, and I'm NOT talking about his tattoos. He did crack a few smiles but Sat was there so what do you expect. He's lucky he's not in worse shape considering. All in all he's doing as can be expected, it will be a rough recovery so he'll need lots of moral support from his friends while he bounces back.

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