Need boots: Sidi Scorpions?
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Thread: Need boots: Sidi Scorpions?

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    Need boots: Sidi Scorpions?

    I'm looking for something that offers protection, but is somewhat casual and not flashy like a bright red full racing boot. Something I can wear to school on the odd day, or through the mall if need be. How are the Sidi Scorpions? I'm taking the safety course in a couple weeks, will these be acceptable? They cover the ankles.

    The Sidi Streetburners are the same sorta style, but look a little too flashy for what I want.

    I tried searching, but everyone seems to rock the Verts around here, way more boot then I'm looking for at the moment.
    thanks in advance.

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    If they are anything like the Alpinestars stunt, you won't think they are casual shoes. Walked about 2 miles in them and paid for it with big blisters on achilles tendon area.

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    I have these:

    I like them - no probs walking in them, did my PRS course with them, few road trips. I have a pair of SIDI's as well but always go for these instead.

    Link to Bayside

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