Rate the dealers.

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  • Carter Honda

    7 8.64%
  • Richmond Motorsports

    22 27.16%
  • Imperial Motorcycles

    7 8.64%
  • Holeshot Racing

    1 1.23%
  • Pacific Yamaha

    6 7.41%
  • Burnaby Kawasaki

    30 37.04%
  • Maple Ridge Motorsports

    0 0%
  • Chilliwack Honda

    0 0%
  • Daytona motorsports

    0 0%
  • John Valk BMW

    0 0%
  • Bomax

    8 9.88%
  • only Rob @ Richmond Motorsports

    0 0%
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Thread: Rate the dealers.

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    Thumbs up Rate the dealers.

    Don't know if this has been done or even if it should. I saw in a British mag that they rated dealerships throughout the country.

    If the BCSB bosses determine it is too touchy a subject, it's their website so it's their rules.

    Let's not get into rants about this business being a crook and that one being a liar. If you are having an arguement with someone keep it private.

    You are voting on parts, service, sales and post sales service. let's find the places that go the extra mile to keep the customer happy. I figure this info could help people like myself who are not from the lower mainland but still deal with the shops down there. Also the results will get around to the shops so ones that do poorly may decide to improve.

    I have listed all I could find but if I have missed anyone let me know and I'll insert them. I'll drop off the lowest ranked and insert new ones if you PM me and the computer lets me!
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    1. Motorcycle World (Brian & Dan) for new bikes and parts.
    2. Bomax (John, Mike, and Bonnie) for service.
    3. Richmond Motorsports (Rob) and BK (Trevor) for gear.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    I pick RMS - only because of Rob.
    I only deal with him for accessories, and I don't get my bike serviced there.
    I always take my bikes to Holeshot. They give me awsome service and I have never had any complaints.
    Roland over at Western Powersports would be my next choice.
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    I'm with Adam on Bomax there.....
    What can you say about their service....
    nuff said !!!!
    Just wish Honda would allow them to do warranty work....
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    Used to like carter (granny) customer service until I had a bad experience. Had a claim from ICBC and in the beginning everything was great. Near the end I coulndt wait to put the whole thing behind me. The guy didnt listen and basically said whatever he thought would get me out the door faster. Got to the point that when he said it was ready had to go through a check list to make sure but when I got there it wasnt done!! Was overcharged on other things and he was very hard to get a hold of. I cant really blame all of carter for one guy but it sure made me think I should be taking it someplace else.

    Now I go to the honda dealership on First Ave and Boundry in Burnaby. They are a smaller, family owned dealership and actually give a Sh@t about customer service.

    I like Burnaby Kawasaki for customer service in the apperal dept. Not to mention they have alot of unadvertised deals in store and I had no problem at all returning something. Have friends that didnt like the service downstairs at the repair shop though.

    The guys at Imperial are down to earth and wont blow smoke up your @ss about stuff. They also usually come out cheaper on alot of things when I price check.
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    Lets have some Island contingent here

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    living the dream Array BRETT's Avatar
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    I dont even remember
    only the best
    gotta say latley its been richmond....

    ive been saving for gear...getting new jacket at the bike show
    and a new helmet

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    I have only dealt with Burnaby Kawasaki since I bought the 9R. Brian is a great guy for the sales part of stuff. And the guys downstairs are repairing my bike as we speak and doing a fantastic job!

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    Motorcycle World on King George is great. Pacific Yamaha is pretty good and other then that, I'm pretty indifferent.

    RMS being the exception here. First they said they couldn't get me fork seals for a bike (VF500 I *think*) without dust caps, which would have cost me 40 more. I bought the seals online w/o the dust caps and saved myself the money, and some other things too.

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    Bomax Motorsports
    i deal with rob at rms for gear,bought my bike there too,but m/c wasnt open then.also deal with trevor at bby kawi,those are the only 2 ,i really dont think i have bought anything from anyone else.

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    1) Bought bike and gear from Trevor at Bk.
    2) Get parts from Alex at Honda Center
    3) Service from DKR

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    I pick BK.

    Yeah, this has been done before: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/sh...ght=dealership

    Let's see how opinions have changed since last September. I think RMS will do much better than the 8% popular vote they got back then.

    Oh no, you left out NS Suzuki/Yamaha! They're the best 'zook dealership, IMO.
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    I'm with Iceman - lets include the island boys.
    My vote is SG Power - Andy in Sales is great, Nick in parts is awesome, and Nick the wrench is awesome. Not even to mention Dwayne, Scott, and all. I've had some serious issues waiting for parts before but they have always been upfront and forthright with me.
    I really like the sales guy in Nanaimo's dealership and my buddy swears by Spunky's in Parksville - I know for fact that they've treated him great for years now.
    In Vancouver I liked BK (bought my boots there) and the service (young guy who's a racer I believe) and parts guy at RMS. Carter on Granville is at the bottom of the pack for me.
    Back to the island, Sparky the mechanic at Action is apparently unbelievable but I don't really like their sales manager so it's a toss up.

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    Motorcycle World - Brian and Dan are stand up guys.

    Burnaby Kawasaki is pretty good too.

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    I picked Pacific Yamaha becuase I have only had great experiences from them. I own a kawi I have bought many bikes thru trev over at bk and I think the sales part is good over there but service side I can tell you I have been lied to in the face.

    Story about BK service.

    My brother just bought his bike from bk. The next day we go over to pick up a new tire for my bike over at the wholesaler guy I know, he looks over at my brothers bike and say's WTF is up with your tire??

    Well it turns out anyone who know how they make a motorcycle tire knows they put it in a mold at the end of the process and shape and finish off the tire. Well they decided to be lazy and not clean out the mold after a batch. So there was extra parts left from the other tires they made that day, and when my brothers tire went into the mold the extra pieces stuck on the outer rims of his tire.

    Well what the problem was is that the extra parts that molded on the tire started to rip off the tire and they were ripping extra parts of (GOOD) tire with them. So there was gouges (spelling) in the sidewall of the tire.

    When we talked to the guy's over at bk about it they said they thought the tire was fine and wouldn't replace it. Ok fine I said I have a piece of paper here signed saying that quote (tire is ok) from when they looked the bike over when we were buying it.

    If something does happen and he does crash I have made you aware of the problem and you are now liable. And began to walk away. He stopped me and said one sec I think we have an old set of tires in the shop we can swap them with.

    The tires were old and crap and I didn't want them so I told them to talk to thier distributer. They tried giving me some BS story about another guy who is still waiting for his tires to come back from Dunlop and it's been 5 months am I sure I want to go thru the same crap??? So I phone my brother and let him know the situation and he gets on the phone to Dunlop Canada and talks to a rep the rep said to have bk phone them and they would deal with it. I told the guy at BK to phone them and he wouldn't do it he said he knew what he was talking about and my brother was LI'ING

    So at this point of course I am getting pissed and don't know if my brother is li'ing or BK. I phone him back and he talks to the guy again at Dunlop and then the guy at Dunlop himself calls Pacific Yamaha and told me to bring the bike by over there. I went there they looked at the tire and in 10 seconds said come by on Monday and I will have a brand new tire for you. 10 SECONDS.

    No offense to BK I buy bikes there gear from time to time and love their prices. But when it comes to service I don't like be'ing lied to. I will never trust that guy again.

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