a cheap ducati chain wrench
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Thread: a cheap ducati chain wrench

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    a cheap ducati chain wrench

    where can i find the best deal for the spanner wrench to tighten the chain on a '00 748? does it have to be ducati brand or is there a measurement equivelant at lordco?
    i tried to find some manuals to download too, at the thread that offers free manuals but i could not find the actual manuals to download, only links to other links?

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    Which brings up another question, given that Ducati's of the past have required special tools to get at all but the most basic things on their bikes...

    How much would it cost someone to outfit themselves with the tools necessary to do both basic and extended servicing on their bikes and where would you buy these tools?

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    it should have been with the tool kit. in any case maybe you can try motion pro. or you can ask around who has a 748, 996, 998 series and maybe their tool kit would have it.

    if you must have one just get a good quality tool afterall you've got a duc.

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