Where is Anchor Point? /Any Aprtments out there?
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Thread: Where is Anchor Point? /Any Aprtments out there?

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    Where is Anchor Point? /Any Aprtments out there?

    I'm looking for an apartment and one ad says its at Anchor Point (West End/Downtown area) but i've never heard of it. Anyone?

    Or else does anyone know of a good studio, bach, or 1BR apartment, under $800/mo, ht/hw incl, good size, garage parking for bike, West End/Downtown, reasonably new or else not too obviously old? Looking to move around the 15th of Feb...

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    Anchor Point is beside Bicycle Sports Pacific at the north base of the Burrard Bridge. It's a big building, takes up most of the block. I used to work in the offices above BSP, and could see the inner courtyard of Anchor Point with its fountains.

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    thanks. found the place.

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