Any boxing gyms around Surrey?
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Thread: Any boxing gyms around Surrey?

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    Any boxing gyms around Surrey?

    Hey Guys,

    Looking for a new way to get my fat ass back in shape. I had back surgery about 6 years ago, which caused me to gain some weight. Worked most of it in a traditional gym, and then life got in the way of keeping up in the gym. Gained some of the weight back, once again.

    Now, I'm selling my business, and took a job that I only work 4 days/week. I've finally got the time to start doing what I enjoy again(motorcycling, for one), and to get myself back in shape.

    Was thinking about getting into boxing. New sport for me, great way to get in shape, and great way to stay in shape. Anyone know of any boxing gyms around the Lower Mainland? Would prefer Surrey area, but thats not a must.


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    Suitelas, they have a boxing ring and classes on mon and wed i believe. They're located on 124 and 84th.

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