Westwood, all grown up
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Thread: Westwood, all grown up

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    Westwood, all grown up

    Hey you guys ever notice this on youtube?
    It's very close to the old Westwood, just what it could've been instead of all the living rooms there now.
    Did someone from around here make the vid?
    Turns 1, 2, 3, deers' leap, hair pin, esses...even has the Honda sign on the left. Cool.

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    Oh man, how I wish that track was still around. When did they demolish it?

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    My what?
    It seems to me that they started building up there around 1990.
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    WMRC had it's last race at Westwood Motorsports Park in Septmber 1990
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    That was such a fun track. I was barely getting interested in vehicle racing when they shut it down, however, I was fortunate to gave gotten out there about half a dozen times.
    I still remember watching Hiro Matsushita race there until he made it to the Indy circuit where he promptly fell off the radar.
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