Sun August 3rd
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    Sun August 3rd

    Ok Ok I know it's late but if you guys are as inactive as I am You'll still be able to read this with plenty of time to prep.
    Pilsbury is itchin to go for a ride( He don't get out much ) So I figure I'll take him on a jaunt to Spences Bridge. Providing the weather is gonna co operate. Once there we may head back are maybe Lytton to Lillooet will call our names or Hope Princeton. We'll just have to see.
    Anybody is welcome to attend, we'll meet at the Aberdeen Chevron @ 10 am
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    perfect c- ya at 10 am

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    I would say don't do Lytton/ Lilloet because with that slide on the Sea 2 Sky all the radio stations were telling people to go that way to get to Whistler. So the road will be heavy with yuppies and cops.
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