Engine swaps, how hard are they to do (Namely 99 gix 600 to 97 gix 750 engine)
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Thread: Engine swaps, how hard are they to do (Namely 99 gix 600 to 97 gix 750 engine)

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    Engine swaps, how hard are they to do (Namely 99 gix 600 to 97 gix 750 engine)

    There are tons of posts on gixxer.com on how to do them. Every combo possible 600's with 100 engines, 600's with older 750 carbed, 750's with 1000 engines, 2k2 600's with FI 750 98 engines. I'm wondering about the easiest one, carbed 99 600 to carbed 97 750. The CDI and wiring harnesses are the same, so the engine is a direct bolt on, so I've read. May need a new chain cause the swingarm's longer and different, and 750 front fork if your a keener.

    My question is just how the hell do you swap the engine? This is coming from a person who's only seen them done in cars, with lifts. I've seen bike engines in the trunks of passenger cars. Can you lift it yourself or with a buddy? Then what do you do when your dropping the engine? Support it with a jack? Cause it can't come out the top, right? Ok so now the engine's free from the chassis, is there enough room to manueveur it out? Or do you lift the bike up? Not sure, that's the problem... Is it possible to do this yourself? And do you swap the trannys over too?

    Sorry to sound like a total noob, but in terms of this stuff, I AM A NOOB I'M REALIZING!!

    Know of anyone around here that has done this?

    Oh and on an unrelated topic.. How hard would it be to get a 99 gixxer 600, under 30K, not rebuilt, not crashed, maybe some scratches but overall in pretty good shape for under 5 grand?

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    I have dropped and installed my R6 motor by my self a twice, but it was a bitch, I use a hydraulic car jack. I have done it twice with help and it was WAY better. If u havent done it before I would get a friend but it aint a big deal, just think out everything before u start. As far as weight goes, 2 guys is all u need, it just makes it easy to move it around and line it up with the mount holes.

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    I was in Imperial one night and they were putting in an engine. Took two of them to line it up and wiggle it in.

    If you had a lift platform that the engine actually sat on stabily then it would be a lot easier. Even dropping it into a sand bag would probably stabilize it enough to do it one handed. But balancing it on the little cup of a jack needs 4 hands for sure.
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    shouldn't be a problem lifting the engine with 2 people. I dunno what these inline4 engines weigh, but the vtwins on todays sportbikes weigh in around 160-180ish pounds. The inlines weigh less, probably good 30pounds less probably.
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    It'd be a good idea to have a friend with you, but this can be done solo. I re and re'd motors on my first bike (the V45 Magot), and it was a b!tch going it alone, but that bike had a peripheral frame and shaft drive to worry about... my impression is a motor swap on a Gixxer shouldn't be to difficult once all the peripherals are removed.
    Get a shop manual and read it thoroughly before you do anything.. in the case of honda, the Haynes was superior in detail, so don't worry about getting an OEM manual ($$) if suzuki is similar.
    To get the new motor in, it's helpful to have an extra body present to help line up the motor mounts to the frame... removal doesn't (or didn't) matter as much.
    When dropping the motor I used a hydrolic jack as Jumby mentioned, and had pieces of wood all around incase she decided to tip- this applies to the bike chassis as well!
    To clear the frame, I tip the motor sideways if you have to, or the chassis may be light enough to lift out of the way (?)

    Oh yeah, motor and tranny are together, so yes, both are replaced at the same time.

    I like your idea, and wish you luck!... are all Gixxer frames the same?

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    1 remove front wheel
    2 set the bike down on just the forks,the motor should be close to the platform you are working on in therms of height.
    3 build a cradle for the motor to sit on,2x4's or a big bag of sand will keep it stable.
    4 when you have a cradle built,remove the front fork's and drop the motor and frame down onto the cradle
    5 remove all motor bolt's and wiring
    6 lift the frame OFF THE MOTOR and your motor will be sitting there all by it's lonesome.
    7 have a black russian kuz your only half done!

    you will find it's much easier than trying to drop the motor out of the chassie,and when going back in,its no sweat if you have the motor bolted into the frame before and then lift the frame and motor up together,and throw a jack under it,to put the forks on.
    PS: remove your pipe first.
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    selling your 99 6 engine?
    I may be interested...if you havn't fucked it
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