I have got a 54 Gallon Hagen tank with all the goodies!!! The following is included
54 Gallon Tank (3ft left to right, 20 inches tall, 18 inches front to back)
Black custom made wooden stand with 2 doors
Canopy with Marina 30 inch bar light.
2 filters (Aquaclear 300 & 200)
1 Powerhead 301 filter
2 submerged heaters
2 healthy orange & black Tiger Oscars (they are 6-8 inches in diameter)
blue gravel, ornaments, lava rocks, many other rocks inside the stand, and lots of other accesories in the stand.
The tank is 9 years old with no cracks or leaks. It has a hew light cratches which does no harm to the tank. The back glass is painted ocean blue (that hide all the wires). Please e-mail me at rnijjer@shaw.ca for more details. I live in Surrey near #10 Hwy and 132 Street.