Day 1, 8/10
Leaving in the morning. I'm thinking simply taking I-5 all the way to Portland, but if somebody joining for 1 day only, we can take more interesting route like Whitby Island, ferry, then Olympic peninsula, etc. Staying in Portland.

Day 2, 8/11
Depends on weather forecast, either head southeast towards Mt. Jefferson, Three Sisters, or head southwest exploring US101 and many roads connecting the coast and I-5. Staying somewhere TBD.

Day 3, 8/12
Heading back towards Portland by non-major hwys. Staying in Portland.

Day 4, 8/13
I'm getting Dunlop 616 at EDR Performance in Portland in the morning. They had them for $210 a set (sorry I took their last set), $18/wheel to mount on your bike. No sales tax, of course! I'm not sure about their shop's capacity to be able to work on your bike at the same time they do on mine, but they have sport tires staring around $250 a set.

EDR is in downtown, I'll do some typical tourist thingy while I wait for my tires to be mounted. Soon as it's done, exploring northwest of Portland's twisties many people on bcsb were talking about. Staying in same hotel in Portland.

Day 5, 8/14
Heading home.