Very minor trip report from the interior...
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Thread: Very minor trip report from the interior...

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    Very minor trip report from the interior...

    Went for a blast this long weekend, just thought I would lend some thoughts on a couple of roads I happened across.

    The road into Wells/Barkerville is quite choppy, 80 clicks of all kinds of conditions and some scary little spots where one momentary loss of concentration would have you eating concrete in a hurry. The road seems to be deteriorating pretty badly, you have to keep on your toes for rotten lengthwise cracks and a couple of six inch drops that you can't even see coming. There are some nice short little hills fun for full throttle blasts, as well as the odd linked set of corners and a nice ess or two that you can enjoy as long as you keep your wits about you. Be careful around the first big creek, there was some kind of slide which was patched quite poorly and right in the thick of what should be some of the best tight corners on the road - instead strange crowning and odd visual landmarks make for extreme hazards in either direction. My stomach did a couple of flutters through there even taking it easy... The big canyon just before Wells is still in okay shape, there are no major disasters on the pavement and overall it is still possible to blast within safe limits - especially on the way out which is all uphill. Just keep in mind that the road is quite narrow so traffic coming around the blind corners will panic at the sight of a bike scratching near the middle line. Riding into or out of Wells in the evening will mean shadows all over the place, making it pretty well impossible to see the road well enough to push in any way.

    The other little stretch I checked out was Blackwater road, which the guys in PG will know all too well I'm sure. It isn't long, maybe 10 clicks out to the lake (and the road DOWN to the lake is also very fun) but goddamn this is one fine piece of road. If only there were roads like this in BC that went on for hundreds of miles, this is a perfect kind of lazy curves that allow you to enjoy it at 100kph or 100mph with equal aplomb. I'm sure the popo MUST keep an eye on this piece of road, or locals must report serious offenders, because there is no way that a road this fun is allowed to be run free and unchecked. Even the short little piece up from the lake to the main road is awesome. If I lived in PG I would fly down this road every day.

    Lastly, I didn't see it and never have, but a couple of guys I rode with raved about the highway out to Nazco, which heads west from Quesnel. They say it is all new paving 40+ clicks out there and quite curvy, with only gravel sighted on one corner that they saw. Again, I am sure the PG riders know all about this, I will definitely be checking it out the next time I am down there.

    On a related note, I must have seen 50 cops on the main highway between Houston and Quesnel - most of which had someone pulled over. I don't remember log weekends being this bad before, but the last couple have been just total copfests every inch of the road....

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    Sounds like some hella fun roads, what kind of bike did you ride them on? Any pics?

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    The Barkerville Hwy has consumed many bikes, I love it but many hate it.

    We just did the Nazko Hwy on Sunday, it is 40 km to Sylvias Cafe, and then approximately another 45km to Nazko. There is one section just past Sylvias that is being torn up for new pavement, however it is all gravel and kind of sketchy, beyond that the road gets into the best corners all the way out.

    The Blackwater road.... well we do ride it frequently, however it gets boring. Next time you are down don't turn at the lake turnoff, instead head all the way to Baldy Hughes (approx. another 10 km) and turn around there, some of the best corners are between the lake turn off and Baldy Hughes. Pavement is amazing here and you only need to watch for gravel on one corner where a dirt road meets the Blackwater and they are actively hauling logs.

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    Shitty pavement, lots of cops, secret roads... SIGN ME UP!

    I will check out some of the roads on google maps. Its too bad that you had to spend more time watching the pavement instead of the horizon. Any other good routes you have done in BC this year?

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