Question to 06'ish CBR owners
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Thread: Question to 06'ish CBR owners

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    Question to 06'ish CBR owners

    specificly an 06 cbr 600 but im sure its the same on alot of other years.
    I'm trying to remove the front turn signals, but the air intake duct goes right over top of them on the inside of the fairing. The fairing they're mounted to is part of the whole nose section.
    So I'm thinking the only way to do it is to remove......what? the whole front end? That cant be.
    I'm missing something here, but I dont know what.
    Any Honda owners out there know what I'm talking about?

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    ya, it's a horrible job. i did it a while ago so i can't remember the details other than to tell you that yes, you have to take a LOT of stuff off to get to them. and they're behind these funny hanging down air chamber things that are part of the air ducting. you def. have to take off the lowers, then take off the flat panels that are on top of the fairing, right under the handlebars and have a look. sorry i can't be more specific other than to say that i certainly didn't find a 'trick'...

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    I don't have any better news then overdraft unfortantely. I just did mine on my 03 rr and the full front cone had to come off. At to get that off, all the other stuff that overdraft mentioned has to come off first. They do not make it easy for ya. I suggest doing it one afternoon when you have a few hours to spare.

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    Hmmm, I did mine a while back (06 like yours)...I don't recall it be all that difficult, but a lot of the plastic did have to come off....just be patient and don't force any of the parts, they should come apart and go together pretty easily...

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