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    Insurance in Oregon

    I was browsing their forum to get info for my OR/CA trip, I'm shocked to learn how much difference here and there:

    So the guy with his 2006 CBR1000 started this thred, is paying $700/yr, and not happy with it.

    My bike is worth less than his, and probably my bike got lower accident / theft risk, and I'm paying double that amount. I thought I've got a best deal...for here anyway.

    I'm fed up with paying so much here.

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    You dont have to go as far as Oregon. My room mate in Red Deer, over 25, no accidents or tickets, paid $460 a year for his 06 F4i. I was paying $1700 a year, under 25, no accidents a couple of tickets, for an 05 RR (same insurance bracket).

    But I'm sure the ICBC debate has been done to death.

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    How does the actual insurance compare? Comparing premiums is worthless without a detailed account of the coverage.
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    I had the equivalent of Comprehensive with $2 Mill liability, albeit no collision, while just getting my license in Alberta on a new R6 at the age of 22. $500/year.

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    Oregon's Third Party Liability limits are notoriously low.
    GSP, in the instance of our writer friend who lives there, all was not good when he was involved in a non liable 2 vehicle crash.
    $25,000 Third Party Limits for the liable motorist, and his own $25,000 worth of coverage did not go far to fund his extrication of the vehicle, much less the multiple surgeries, and months of income loss.

    In his words, "Michael, the insurance money had all been spent before they got me out of the car and into the ambulance....."

    Cheap premiums yes, but like most things, "you get what you pay for."

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