Hey Folks,

Just upgraded my system so I've got a couple extra components that may want to find a new home that's not my closet. No point in me hoarding them, right?

First, I have an EVGA 7900 GTO. It's a 256mb single slot card. Nice little card that doesn't take up too much space in the case. Runs most games pretty well (just don't expect to run Crysis on 1900x1200 on high quality with it). http://www.evga.com/articles/280.asp

2 things to note about the GFX card: 1) the drivers can be a bit temperamental and buggy under Vista64 and take a bit of tweaking to get it working properly 2) I've run a mild overclock only on the card (mostly to resolve the aforementioned problem).

Secondly, I have a Silverstone Zeus 520W power supply. Nice PSU with active PFC to save you some money on your electrical bills. Throws 31 amps on the 12V rails. Will easily power the above mentioned GFX card and accompanying system. If anyone knows Silverstone, they make high quality power supplies. http://www.techimo.com/articles/index.pl?photo=230

DISCLAIMER: make sure your system is compatible with this stuff and that the PSU has all the connectors you need (view review link). I don't want to waste my time and yours when you buy stuff and complain you don't have the right connectors, your system can't support it, etc.

I don't really have a price in mind. If someone throws me a decent offer, I'll move one or both items. If not, I'll just keep them as spares for when stuff in my (or other people's) system blow up :P

Fire me a PM if interested.