Well...this is an opportunity for someone to capitalize on my misfortune.

My job situation is not looking incredibly stable at the current moment...which means I will probably have to back out of a deposit.

here is the deal;

I have $1000.00 deposit with Pacific Yamaha. I haven't even asked if they'll cancel my deposit and return the funds...but usually deposits are non-refundable.

Anyhow, in order to regain some of my cost, I am willing to let anyone here use my $1000.00 deposit at Pacific Yamaha in exchange for $800.00 cash.

I have all reciepts and will accompany anybody to Pacific Yamaha to make sure there is no problems. I will not accept cash untill everything is agreed upon between Pacific Yamaha, myself and "you".

email: fugazi787@yahoo.ca
cell: (604) 817-6694

BONUS: If somene is willing to commit this week, I'll even throw in 4 free tickets to the Van. Intl. Motorcycle show.

**If anyone knows otherwise on the return status of deposits, help is appreciated.