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    Re: Harley Riders rant...

    I went to the A.I.M. show and shine today. It was at GF Strong, the rehabilitation hospital for people with spinal cord and brain injuries. A.I.M is, in case you don't know, the Association for Injured Motorcyclists. They work hard to help our injured brothers and sisters.

    I posted the show in the events forum. Well, it was a good time, live band playing good music, BBQ and lots of motorcycles. The patients were very happy to chit chat and look at the motorcycles. There were lots of prizes and the show was good too. But guess what. Other than a 1981 Honda CB900F and a B-King, there was not a single sport bike to be seen. The B-King wasn't entered in the show. First and second place in the "sport bike" category was occupied by two Harley Davidson Sportsters. About 90 % of the bikes there were Harleys. There were 3 Vespas, some metric cruisers, a BMW and a Boss Hoss. These Harley riders were chatting up the patients and have a great time helping out, manning the BBQ and so on.

    Were some of you there? Did I just miss the sport bikes and motards?

    Many of the former motorcyclists there (as patients) were sport bike riders. Just something to think about.

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    Harley riders are awesome if you stop and take the time to talk to them. Much friendlier than sportbikers when you're out on the road.

    Harley owners/Harley RIDERS are different breeds btw.

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