I just wanted to drop a note that I am just completing my Riding course with PRS and have had one awesome time.

Dat, Mark "Kramer", Taro and the rest of the gang at PRS do an awesome job in making sure every person is well informed and equiped to meet the demands that are put on Motorcyclists on the streets in BC.

When I started the classes I was a Greener Green Newbie to the world of riding.

I did not even know how to start a motorcycle! LOL what can I say:P

Secondly being the only lady in the class I had to keep up with the guys.

For the most part I did till it got into advance riding area of which it took a little bit more training.

I want to thank the guys for the additional one on one training they did with me to get me up to speed with everyone else.

Not only has my confidence level and comfort level on being on a bike increase dramaticly but in my regular driving and watching out for other riders on the road.

Everyone at PRS treats their students with respect but give the cold hard fact on riding a bike. In this day and age Honest is the best Policy.

The Classroom teaching was awesome and interesting and not once did I see any one fall asleep.

PRS keeps their classes small which enables students get more involved in discussions and learning.

I have now become a loyal PRS student and will forever be grateful to PRS for all they have done.

Foll all Ladies and Newbies out there that want to learn in a safe, well organized and fun enviroment Pacific Riding School is above the rest.

They have my #1 vote for the best in BC.