Need Help Trouble shooting my Brake Light
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Thread: Need Help Trouble shooting my Brake Light

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    Need Help Trouble shooting my Brake Light

    2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

    The tail light only comes on when the bike key is on ACC.
    Brake light does not come on by either the peddle or hand lever.

    I have looked for the fuse box but could not find it.

    Its a bran new bike so i'm thinking its just a fuse rather than the light itself.
    I need help locating the Fuse Box or any other ideas

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    sounds like you should use your warranty you have on the bike and taker to the shop if you already checked fuses

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    should still be under warranty
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    You're missing a key element in that brake bulbs have two filaments. The one is the running light that you're seeing when it's on the ACC setting. And presumably this running light comes on when the bike is running. The brighter brake light then is only supposed to come on once you pull the upper lever or push the lower one. So if your bike does use bulbs it may well be a bad bulb. Or it could be that fuse you're trying to find.

    If this is a bike with LED tail lights like so many these days then it's not a bulb. You'll need to take it into the dealer for trouble shooting.

    Either way take the bike in and find out what is going on and where the fuse block is located for next time. It is USUALLY under the rider's saddle or behind one of the side covers.
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