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    legal advice

    Taken from a user called Hawk on VROM....

    Legal entertaining legal advice from another country but similar to Canada.

    It takes 27 min for the first part and another for the second part.

    Riders with short attention span need not reply.
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    from another country
    That is the key part of your post. I haven't watched the video because my connection is slow. But I can say this: you have to know the law here and know how the court here interprets your rights.

    Don't go and blindly follow advice on a web site. Everyone in Canada (for better or worse) has certain rights. One is right to counsel and the other is the right to keep your mouth shut. Both of these rights have to be respected by the police.

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    Holy. That professor must drink enough coffee to choke a horse. Is there a way to slow down the speed of his speech? He talks faster than I can hear.
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