How to Repair small leak from Coolant Water Pump engine cover?
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Thread: How to Repair small leak from Coolant Water Pump engine cover?

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    How to Repair small leak from Coolant Water Pump engine cover?

    Hi there,

    When I got the bike, the previous owner had lowsided it (he says it wasn't him, but,uh hmmm) and it was just minor cosmetic damage to the right side, except that he also grinded the most exterior part of the engine cover for the coolant water pump, jjuuusssttt enough so that when the pump is going and there is pressure in the cooling system, the small leak will 'weep' a little coolant. This ends up either evaporating when the bike is hot or dripping, after the bike is parked. After about 2 weeks of this, a substantial amount of coolant had be lost.

    When I had the bike in the shop, one of the shop's customers/friends who was quite experienced with bikes was the one to first notice it and he was like, "oh, just put some of (can't remember of the name) putty/plug/something or other on the hole and it should seal up just fine. The problem is, I don't remember the name of that thing he recommended.

    Does anyone know? Or does anyone have a solution for this, aside from finding a replacement engine cover?

    Here are pictures of it.


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    I'm not sure this is helpful, but when I grew up in South Africa, we used this stuff for fixing all kinds of leaks.

    This stuff may be the same (I found it by googling steel putty)
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    Umm...JB Weld? You'd be better off just getting a new cover and gasket and be done with it.


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    Find a replacement on eBay and replace it in an hour. Easy, easy fix.
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