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    Battery Discharged...

    Well after letting the battery sit in the bike for 2 months now, it has discharged... Is there anything bad that will come out of this? I know you can just get it charged up again for a small price but I'm wondering if this will do anything bad in the long run?


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    i thought once it's dead, it's dead
    can't revive it no more

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    It's not good for the life to let it go down completely like that.

    Get a motorcycle battery trickle charger and leave it on for a few days. Or if you MUST use a car charger be sure you put a turn signal bulb in line with it so the current is not too much for the smaller motorcycle battery and only leave it on over night.

    It should come up fine but you just lost 6 mos to a year off it's life. If it's already 3 or more years old I'd just replace it.
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    I have a battery tender II, if you want bring it over or meet you on Saturday at Jim's me will give you my spare battery to ride in the mean time, come back in 3-4 days and take your original one back.....
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