These are Kappa K40 hard luggage cases, which can be used as side cases or individually, as top cases. These are 40 liter models, and use the Monokey base, exactly the same as the Givi equivalents.

They were originally off a Vstrom, and have small Suzuki badges, and a dark blue accent panel, the large balance being black in colour.

These add great carrying capacity to any bike, and with the optional quick release plate/base, can be attached and removed in a matter of seconds, all with one key.

They come with 3 keys, all keyed the same. There are no optional bases included, as I have a Givi Monokey system on my bike, which they lock in to.

I would like to sell them as a pair right now, but if not sold within a week, may part them individually. They do have a few small scuffs, and the one case has a small dent in the thin aluminum Kappa badge....these can probably be replaced if you were extremely picky, but all in all they are in great shape.

Local cash sales only, and price is firm @ $315 for the pair.