Hi again,
another batch of tires.
set 1. 195/70/17 120/70/17
dulop slicks 3136 rear (dual compound soft/med) 9 laps
dunlop slick 950 front soft. approx 20 laps

i warmed up on a new rear and next to new front, fell 2nd lap.
$145 shipped from thunder bay, ON.

set 2. 195/70/17 120/70/17
3 dunlop slicks, one rear (pretty used) and two decent fronts.
$135 shipped for all 3.

3. pirelli front decent shape 120/70/17

$45 shipped

4. bridgeston bt002 rear little more use on left side. decent shape $50 shipped

pics here: http://picasaweb.google.ca/ccaldbick/Tires08

email/paypal ccaldbick@gmail.com