Sidi vert rains
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    Sidi vert rains

    i searched and found only two threads, so i'll create a new one.

    anyone "vancouver-tested" the waterproofness of the vert rains, i'm trying to decide between the rains and the mega gore, normally i'd go gore without thinking but since its a wider boot, the rain fits better.

    i ride pretty much year round in anything thats not snow, so i need full waterproof.
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    i've ridden mine in heavy rain for 3+ hours on the coquihalla without getting a drop on my socks. they're pretty darn waterproof from my experiences.

    i also happen to have mine for sale, if you're around a size 12 shoe. they're on the classifieds here. or PM me if you're interested and can't find them.

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    I have a pair of vertigo tepor boots (they look identical and cost the same, so I think all they changed is the name since mine are 2 years old). Never have had wet feet and I've ridden in some nasty weather.
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    I have Puma Desmo GTX boots that I got from RMS. They're waterproof and really comfortable too. I've been in some heavy downpours and walked in puddles that completely submerged my feet and they've been 100% waterproof so far.

    I know that's not what you're looking for but maybe someone else will stumble across this thread at some point and find the input useful...

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    I have some Gaerne Drytech.
    Always dry.
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    I had the Vert Tepor and they were always dry. You sweat your ass off in them in the summer though. I also have a set of Oxtar rain boots. Those aren't so good. 6 hours in the rain and my feet started to get wet.
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