Motor running funny, spontaneous micro engine braking?
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Thread: Motor running funny, spontaneous micro engine braking?

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    Motor running funny, spontaneous micro engine braking?

    Hi, I thought I would post this as someone may have had this problem with their bike before.

    1) Yesterday for about two hours, I would hear a buzzing noise from the top of the motor, perhaps a chain of some sort. It went away. This may not be related to the problem.

    2) From yesterday, after I had some air blown into the reserve valve of the petcock to remove some clog, the motor started to run roughly. What I mean is that at ANY RPM and at any gear the bike will have thrust and then feel like it's engine braking a micro second and then thrust again. If I run it at a constant RPM, like say 6K, it will go forward, but feel like a pogo stick, back and forth, back and forth.

    Fortunately, I get almost no loss of power and the bike still goes well. But the roughness is noticeable and previously it would be smooth and fine and go forward.

    I don't know what the problem is. I thought is was a dirty carb, but I just had the carbs cleaned two weeks ago and I have a filter in my fuel line. Perhaps there is water in the spark plugs and it's misfiring? But I don't think water would have gotten there.

    The bike had been sitting for 2 years previous to my getting it and I don't know the history of the motor. What happens when the valves go? Is a camshaft chain going?

    Anyone have this issue with their bike before? Any idea what I can do to resolve it?
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    I would check your fuel flow since you were messing with the petcock and then this behaviour presented ..

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