Some one in construction (houses) HELP!
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Thread: Some one in construction (houses) HELP!

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    Some one in construction (houses) HELP!


    Had an incident with my car and house. The garage was hit. I tried to fix it myself but i clearly have no idea what im doing. I need some help here. Take a look at the pictures and if anyone can help me fix it, i would be so happy.


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    Hey what going on here? I am Licenced Builder and work in Residential Construction. Let know what is history of the place
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    Unfortunately your garage/house will have to be demolished now.

    And, i can't barely tell anything from your pictures, it needs a description

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    Not the end of the world, looks like the sill plate was pushed back on the foundation. A good contractor should be able to fix the structure in a day, maybe less if the sill plate only needs to be hammered back into place and bolted to the concrete. You'll probably need to re-stucco the front though.
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    gurp you IDioT !!!!!!!!! who did it ?

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    Hard to tell from the pics but yeah I'd say the bottom plate just got knocked over on the foundation. Cut out a square of drywall on the inside for access and hammer the plate back into place. However, that plate should've been bolted down, so it shouldn't have moved to begin with. Double check the piece of the foundation it sits on for damage, if there was no rebar sticking up in the portion it's possible it could also be knocked loose from the rest of the foundation. You never know, if they didn't put bolts there, who's to say they even bothered to rebar it properly? I've seen it all. In any case it doesn't look like you have a difficult repair, though you might want to get a stucco guy to come and redo that patchwork job on the outside...that looks like ass.

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