1993 gsxr 750 without suspention
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Thread: 1993 gsxr 750 without suspention

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    1995 gsxr 750 without suspention

    This bike is as you see it less the frontend and rear wheel.

    ICBC tells me this is a '95 not a 93. It was registered as a U-build in '95. Must have been a bad crash. The frame must have been a new replacement and has a BC assigned vin number stamped in it.

    THe cosmetics, seat, tank, engine, wiring, clocks, frame, Headlights, swingarm, shock/linkage, pipe are going in a lump for 750.00. basically everything you see plus the engine but not the frontend and rear wheel. I didn't see any busted plastic and the windscreen looks good. There is also a 1000 swingarm, axle and blocks, with chain I am wanting 100.00 for. The carbs are srad I was told but are in dirty shape sitting for some time by the looks of them.

    Also included: both L/R controls, clutch lever/perch, throttle

    Piston to cylinder clearance is .0045-.005". I did a quick check. I didnt' see the rad and there is no paperwork for the frame. The plate on it is (local BC) 1998 and there is a key. The tank lock is busted, ignition was working and intact. no dents in tank

    Email if you want more pics.


    Rob gs11sd@gmail.com 604-805-5045
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