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    California Trip 2008

    From August 18th-26th I rode down to northern California. I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has.

    By the numbers:
    3 States
    9 Days
    5007 Kms
    17 Destination Highways in Northern Cali

    Route Down:

    The first few days the weather was bad. Cold and raining most of the time. The highway through Mt. Ranier National Park is very scenic. Stayed the first night in Randle, WA.

    National Forest road 25 down the east side of Mount St. Helens is very twisty (pavement could be better) and would have been a lot of fun if it wasnt foggy and raining. The road down to Carson, WA is also very nice. After crossing into Oregon, rode some very remote forest service roads through the cascades. At some points the roads (NF 42) are just a single strips of pavement through dense forest, it makes you wonder why anyone would pave a road like that. Stayed the second night in Sisters, OR.

    Started day 3 on highway 242 west through Willamette National Forest. This is where I ran into the worst weather yet. Heavy rain and wind. I finally gave up on my plan to continue south through the cascades and headed straight for the I-5. After hooking up with the I-5 in Eugene I booked it south until I found some better weather in Ashland. I then took Hwy 66 across to Keno, Or which was a pleasant surprise. After heading into California I camped in Klamath National Forest, southeast of Macdoel CA.

    I headed down to Lassen Volcanic National Park the next day, where I did some hiking and enjoyed the incredible scenery. After that it was Destination Hwy #3 (Hwy 70 from Greenville to Oroville) which was amazing. Then it was across the boring Hwy 20 to Clear Lake.

    Hwy 175 from Lakeport to Old Hopland was DH #24 but I thought it should be rated higher. Then it was down to Lake Sonoma to ride DH #10.

    Route Home:

    After that it was off to the coast via Hwy 128 which is also nice. Up the coast to Leggett, the up the 101 to the Avenue of the Giants, which is quite amazing.

    From there I headed east on Hwy 36 to Hayfork, then down Hwy 3/Hwy 299 to Redding for an oil change. After a couple hours of waiting it was back up the 299 to Willow Creek. From there I went up Hwy 96 and stayed the night in Happy Camp. These roads are amazing, there is no traffic and the twisties just go on forever. Definitley glad I hit those up.

    The next morning I headed west on Hwy 96 back to the I-5. From there it was onwards to Crater Lake which I missed on the way down due to the weather. After that it was time to book it for home as I was getting tired of being alone. After a long first day on the I-5, I decided to check out Mt. St. Helens as I didnt see it at all on my way down. After a good breakfast in the Toutle diner, it was again on the I-5 to home.

    Hwy 70 (Greenville to Oroville)
    Hwy 175 (Lakeport to Hopland)
    Hwy 1 (Cleone to Leggett)
    Hwy 299 (Weaverville to Willow Creek)
    Hwy 96 (Willow Creek to Yreka)

    All the pics are here:
    ps. there aren't many pics of the roads/my bike
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    Sweet, looks like you had fun. Seems we had just about the same start/stop dates, we probably ran by each other at some point.

    By far my best pretrip purchase was a pair of MEC rainpants. We chased the rain the whole way down the coast and caught it again on the way back, but I stayed dry and it opened up sometimes to give the awe-inspiring cali coast its chance to shine.

    Did you catch the fire in the park in dt Redding when you were there? CDF takes forest fire fighting to a whole new level in terms of resources they throw at it.

    PS Pleeeeease use the link tags to hide the tremendously long google link.
    What he said

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    Cool Ride Report and Pics

    Looks like you had an awesome trip despite the damp weather. Thanks for sharing the experience!!! :-)

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    Nice trip! We took a few of the same roads from the trip I took. Hwy 66 was a good find. You took it going east which would be the best way possible. I can't believe how much of the I5 you took, that must have been a little trying at times.

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    Thanks for sharing. Very nice pics!

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