well another year has almost gone by, no it's has not gotten easier or less painful,but through my compassionate friends group i am learning how to cope a little, there are days when i actually smile and laugh again. and then the darkness returns, but forever day by day is how i will live for the rest of my time untill i see and hold my son again. i am sure there are still alot of you on here that knew and now miss him as we his family all do. i would love some pictures or stories of cody if there is anyone out there who wants to share. i am believing more and more that cody is very near as there is so many stories that i could share about how he just shows up. here is one that happened recently. deedee and i rented a camping spot for the summer and when we were phoned to go pick a spot i told the lady just to give us one near the play ground as deedee has little foster kids.she told us A31 would be our site,31 has meaning for us,he turned 31 may 2 and he left us may 31st. i took that as a sign,but when a week later we went to the vedder river where our site is there is a shed on our site with the name cody burned into the door, i cried and said hi and michelle said jus like cody to show up and let us know no matter where we go he's there. thats one of many stories and i have to believe in life after now, and it gets us through. any way now i want to let you guys know that so far the fundraiser is booked for november 8th at the cat and fiddle, more details to come and the tickets will be less then last year as i am getting a good deal. there is lots of parking there. so please join us as your support has kept this going, i never thought we'd have a third and now we are having a fourth event. seeing how this takes off every year makes me very proud to know my son had very special friends like you all. thank you..................sincerely cody's mom.....sharon