found another use for mothers aluminum polish
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Thread: found another use for mothers aluminum polish

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    found another use for mothers aluminum polish

    my speedo plastic clear cover, that you can see through, but isnt glass.. had some scratches from my radar detector wires hanging over it , rubbing away

    didnt notice and my plastic clear cover over the speedo was all scratched up and looked like shit

    figured I would have to replace the plastic clear cover over the speedo

    I was polishing my aluminum triple tree and thought what the hell ill try and polish the speedo plastic clear cover, as I have to replace it anyway

    came up unbelievable, like brand new, so polished all of them, and they all came up amazing

    I dont know how far I can go, but am thinking it would polish up my visor on my helmet as well as it has a few scratches...bad idea??

    Mothers aluminum polish, who knew
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    Be careful, those metal and aluminum polishes are VERY abrasive. You can buy plastic-specific polish for those types of applications.
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    He's not using a 'cut-polish' - that Mother's polish is not really that abrasive.

    Though it is a good idea to use a plastic-safe blend to get the best results.
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    haha ya that stuff is magic. i will even take some good scuff marks out of paint. yes, i have used it on painted plastcs and metals. use at you own risk!!!

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    try it and let us know the results
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    only one way to find out
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    "Please" stop using "these" to talk about "plastic" which is not actually "glass".

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