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    Eric Bostrom Talks Big

    Eric Bostrom, 2003 AMA Superbike champ. then 2004 MotoGP champ... !!!

    Power to the People
    Alone among the Big Four, Kawasaki has opted for the 2 mm overbore route in its pursuit of the AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship. Honda chose to retain the championship-winning RC-51 V-twin, Yamaha dropped out of the Superbike class for the 2003 season, and Yoshimura Suzuki went for the restricted 1000cc option. The big-bore Kawasaki ZX-7R bike broke cover Tuesday, the first day of the three-day test at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca, alongside a standard-sized Kawasaki like the one Bostrom rode to second in last year’s championship. Early returns are positive, though the bike is very much a work in progress.

    Eric Bostrom set the second fastest time on Tuesday on the big bore ZX-7R, despite an annoying hiccup in the power delivery. When he went back to the 750cc Kawasaki, it felt more like a 600, he said.

    The current incarnation of the Kawasaki displaces 770cc’s, Bostrom said, though that doesn’t take full advantage of the 2 mm overbore. There’s more to come. For now, the added 20 mm’s make more of an impression than Bostrom anticipated.

    “Right now it’s 770 and we’re hoping to end up at 780,” Bostrom said. “I think they’ve got some issues trying to get the thing big anyway.” Kawasaki team manager Mike Preston said the team was working toward the bigger displacement, testing the standard against the big bore, and analyzing the data before moving forward.

    “We’re happy with the little amount of change,” Bostrom said, adding, “then again, it’s a pretty small change in the motor. It definitely seems to make a difference. I’m pleasantly surprised with the difference. I’d like it to be a little quicker on top.”

    Bostrom said he noticed the difference off the fast corners. “Off the slow corners I didn’t notice it so much, maybe because you’re straight up and down. It still feels a bit soft. Coming off the faster corners like (turns) four and five, where you’re already going probably over 100, that’s where you feel the old bike wouldn’t pull and this thing will. We’ve still got to make it bigger yet if they can. Hopefully it’ll get quicker.”

    Not surprisingly, the added grunt caused the Kawasaki to handle differently. Now the bike wants to lift the front end and run wide on the exits, problems Bostrom will gladly work through in exchange for the power.

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    im picking him to win the AMA next year.....motoGP after that....don't think so.

    i don't see eboz the type of guy to talk shit.....he sounds like a bitch.

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