Hi all. I'm going to start riding (ie. new rider) next season and am planning on what to get. Wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions.

First of all, I plan on riding in warm weather and dry days only. It will be for non-frequent, non-aggressive city riding only. After reading about leather vs textiles, I still want to get a leather jacket because it does sound safer, although it may be a bit hot / overkill for my type of riding. I have also read that the better fit the jacket is, the less chance the protectors will slip around during a slide.

I'm wondering if the following is a good idea - Get a leather jacket that have removable protectors and nothing fixed to the jacket (eg. Something like Dainese SF instead of Delmar or Santa Monica) + some kind of inner safety jacket (those that include shoulder, elbow, neck, chest and back protectors). I'm hoping with this combination:
1) protector will have the least chance of moving around during a slide
2) leather jacket with the protectors removed can be worn as a normal jacket during winter

Does this make sense at all? Thanks for your advances in advance.