Odd noise from front(?) brake/tx woes
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Thread: Odd noise from front(?) brake/tx woes

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    Odd noise from front(?) brake/tx woes

    Well, when i am slowing down at an intersection or a stop sign, at sub 20kph i hear this squealing noise coming from the front, as soon as i let the lever out, it goes away. Is it time to get it replaced?

    That and sometimes it just refuses to shift down from 2nd to 1st and gets stuck in N... guesses?

    '92 gsxr750
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    Checked your brake pads don't need replacement yet? Otherwise it could just be some crap on the pads or rotors - get some brake cleaner on there
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    I had this for a bit. put some silicon between the pads and the pistons on my brakes. the squeel i was having was from the pads vibrating on the pistons.

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    The brake squeal is no big deal. ALL disc brakes squeal, just some squeal at such high frequency, you can't here them. No trouble at all.

    Funny though, my Gixxer also has a hard time shifting into first sometimes. Today, I tried to downshift, and not only would it not go into 1st, it was grinding like hell when I tried. Once stopped, she popped right in. I'm using conventional Castrol motorcycle in it right now, but I'm going to change to Motul, and see if she starts to shift a little easier.


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