Here is the deal, I will be selling my car in about a month. I was looking at just selling it, but now Im considering trade for bike+cash (3000$ + bike, but negotiable depending what you have). I know this is a long shot, but I thought Id try, looking to try out bikes and maybe drag a knee by next summer at Mission. Been racing cars for a while.

1991 JDM Mazda Miata (RHD), imported from japan.
-Unlike the "grey" bikes, all parts are readily available and compatible with USDM models
-110,000km. Mechanically perfect, just flew through aircare.
-5 Speed, softop, gray.
-Body not perfect (hit and run scratch, no dents), and electronics wonky (stereo turned off and died)

What Im looking for:
Older late 80s to late 90s sport bike (value 1000$-2000$). Under 600cc fine. A scratch or two is fine as well, but mechanically must be strong.
Examples: GS500, older gsxr, older ninja or even a 250.

Thx for looking. Serious inquiries pm for pics/additional info/meet.