Wednesday September 17 @ 800am Washington State Backroads
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Thread: Wednesday September 17 @ 800am Washington State Backroads

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    Wednesday September 17 @ 800am Washington State Backroads

    Join Us @ 200th street and 86th avenue Langley leave sharp at 800am fuelled up and ready to ride.

    You will be treated to the best of Whatcom and Skagit county backroads

    Experienced riders only!!

    ( moderator please email me before dumping this one too!! )

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    if i could play hooky this wend id be there for sure... did one of these rides with you in the spring and it was one of the best back road rides south of the boarder iv been on. if your an experienced rider looking for some challenging MC roads u wont wanna miss this one. wished i could go

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    oh man... i would so go.. but can't.. work wants me here... have a good one..

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    800...too early for me.

    I'll be having a lunch (brunch for me) at Nooksack Casino tomorrow, thinking to get there around noon. They have this $4 buffet on Wed., and I've been curious to try. Have you ever tried it before?

    Afterwards, I'm off to Mt. Baker.

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